Looking For Work


Job hunting can be nerve wracking, time consuming and downright hard work.  We can’t promise to calm your nerves before an interview, but when it comes to finding opportunities to make the most of your skills, we can help.

No, you do not have to pay a fee to register with us.  We encourage a face to face meeting or phone call so we can understand who you are and where you hope to be in the job market.

Are you looking for part-time or full-time work? Muskoka Staffing is always looking for candidates in the following fields:

• Accounting/Financial • Human Resources
• Executive and General Administration • IT Consulting
• Assembly • Legal
• Customer Service • Manufacturing
• Executive/Managerial • Receptionist
• General Labour • Sales/Marketing


Consultation: Whether you apply on line or in person, we begin with a review of your resume. Our recruiters need to understand your current skills, background and career goals.

First Interview:  We will ask you to come in to our local office to meet with one of our recruiters.  We will discuss your skills, your needs, and work personality.

Paperwork:  We require all candidates to complete our associate application, including background check consent forms.

Reference Checks:  You will not be considered available for employment until a minimum of two professional references have been provided.

Orientation:  When we find the right job opportunity for you, we will give you a customized orientation regarding your placement.  This may include dress code, safety rules, and other information that will help you feel comfortable at the new job.

Follow-up:  We will contact you and your immediate supervisor to make sure you are both happy and comfortable with the placement.  We will stay in touch throughout your assignment and conduct follow-up calls based on the supervisor’s need and preferences.