Is Your Resume Hindering Your Job Search?

Are YOU confident that your resume represents you and your skills to the best of your ability?

 Here are some stats that employers have indicated will put you in the rejection pile without a second glance.

–       Typo on your resume

–       1 in 3 Employers reject due to something they found online

–       If your resume does not show the skill set that the employer is looking for

–       If you do not indicate which position you are applying for.

–       76% of resumes are ignored if your e-mail address is unprofessional

Here are some more interesting facts

–      only a 17% chance that your cover letter will be read if it is not requested as a prerequisite for the job

–       68% of employers will find you on Facebook prior to setting up an interview

–       88% job rejection rate if you have a photo of yourself on your resume


What are your thoughts?????


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